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Night Hunt by Carey Decevito

Two disappearances… Lives forever altered… A witness leads to a manhunt that’ll shape what’s to come. She disappeared so long ago, but she’d never faded from his mind. Search and Rescue handler Caden Summers loved his life for the most part. He owns a little piece of heaven on the outskirts of town, has great friends, a side gig with Nightshade Securities and best of all—Renegade—his four-legged partner and best friend.Suspected, ridiculed and dismissed. Rescued from a suspect retrieval attempt gone wrong, Cade finds himself nursed by a spitfire of a woman who isn’t afraid to wield a weapon in front of his friends. When past and present collide, submersing him into the longest unsolved manhunt of his career, Cade knows one thing is sure. No one involved with this case will ever be the same again. All it took was three days with the feisty Amazon for him to make up his mind. He’d help her find her peace. Then he’d help himself to a piece before all hell broke loose.
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