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Murder on the SS Rosa by Lee Strauss

From a USA TODAY Bestselling author, the first book in the acclaimed Ginger Gold Mystery series. Murder’s a pain in the bow! It's 1923 and war widow fashionista Ginger Gold (a former British Secret Service Agent) makes a cross-Atlantic journey from Boston to London, England. When the ship's captain is found dead in a most intriguing fashion, Ginger is only too happy to lend her assistance to the handsome Chief Inspector Basil Reed. This fun, jazz-age whodunit has readers saying "Lady Gold is a charming heroine" and "can't stop reading!" Murder on the SS Rosa will have you laughing, crying, and guessing until the last page. Get started and download the first book in this binge-worthy series today. ★★★★★ Researching for the Ginger Gold Mysteries has been so much fun. I hope you sense that as you read. Ginger Gold is smart, savvy, and delightful. The fashions, the dances, the CRIME. The character of Haley Higgins, a medical student at the London Medical School for Women allows me to further delve into another keen interest of mine: forensics. Never fear, the Ginger Gold Mysteries are COZY, so no scary, graphic on-stage violence. You'll find these books to be clean reads, with no swearing or sex. I hope you enjoy the Ginger Gold Mystery series! Hop aboard the 1920s! THE GINGER GOLD MYSTERY SERIES Murder on the SS Rosa (Book 1) Murder at Hartigan House (Book 2) Murder at Bray Manor (Book 3) Murder at Feathers & Flair (Book 4) Murder at the Mortuary (Book 5) Murder at Kensington Gardens (Book 6) Murder at st. George’s Church (Book 7) The Wedding of Ginger & Basil (Book 7.5) Murder Aboard the Flying Scotsman (Book 8) Murder at the Boat Club (Book 9) Murder on Eaton Square (Book 10) Murder by Plum Pudding (Book 11) Murder on Fleet Street (Book 12) Murder at Brighton Beach (Book 13) Murder at Hyde Park (Book 14) Murder at Royal Albert Hall (Book 15) ~more on the way! A brand new 1950s series! THE ROSA REED MYSTERY SERIES Murder at High Tide (Book 1) Murder on the Boardwalk (Book 2) Murder at the Bomb Shelter (Book 3) Murder on Location (Book 4) Murder and Rock 'n Roll (Book 5) Murder at the Races (Book 6) Don't miss LADY GOLD INVESTIGATES, the short story companion series!
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