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Mouth by Kendra Mei Chailyn

Claudia is in trouble again—but this time, the collateral damage could be epic!

 Claudia Hunt has a checkered past—one that had her estranged from her baby brother and on the brink of death. Luckily, she’s back on her feet and believes she finally has her life on the right track. Registered for school and living in a new city, life is good. 

 That is until the bullets start flying shoving her into the path of Clayton Hastings.

 The one commandment among friends that should never be broken is, 'thou shall not sleep with thy best friend’s sister.' It’s a rule Clayton “Mouth” Hastings holds dear. But when Claudia is in trouble again, the team sends him to the rescue. And while he knows Claudia comes with some baggage, he cannot seem to help himself.

 But there are some secrets lurking in the dark which threatens to destroy Claudia, Mouth, and CIRO. Will this be the end of CIRO and the feelings blossoming between Claudia and Mouth?

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