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Miss Match by Lindzee Armstrong

A professional matchmaker with strict rules for her love life. Her CEO billionaire best friend determined to break them all... Welcome to Toujour Matchmaking Inc., where your happily ever after is guaranteed. Brooke is the city’s top-rated matchmaker, but her own love life is a disaster. For years she’s kept Luke, her flirtatious best friend, at arm’s length, instead trusting Toujour to find her perfect match. But no sooner has she agreed to marry her Italian boyfriend than the company announces it’s closing, making Brooke worry she’s put her trust in a faulty system. After all, she has a chemistry with Luke that she’s never had with her fiancé—one she’s terrified to explore. Luke has loved Brooke since high school, but every attempt to deepen their relationship results in Brooke pushing him further away—usually right into another woman’s arms. She’s convinced they’re all wrong for each other, and with Brooke’s wedding mere months away, Luke knows this is his last chance to change her mind. And he’s willing to break all the rules to do it. When Brooke hatches a scheme to save Toujour by hiring Luke, the city’s most eligible bachelor, as a client, he agrees to go along with it—but only because she’s moving to Italy with her fiancé if the company closes. Each failed date brings Luke closer to losing Brooke forever, but each successful one brings Brooke nearer to admitting she’s wrong. Can Luke finally break out of the friend zone, or will Brooke’s attempts to find him love work a little too well? This full-length contemporary romance can be read as a stand alone and comes with a guaranteed happily ever after. It features snappy dialogue, complex characters, and laugh-out-loud scenes. If you love best friends to lovers romances, then you’ll love Miss Match. Grab your copy today!
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