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Midlife Curses by Christine Zane Thomas

A Paranormal Women’s Fiction murder mystery for anyone who believes you can find your powers at any age. Constance Campbell has made a few questionable decisions in the run-up to her fortieth birthday. So in a way, moving two thousand miles away from everything she’s ever known makes perfect sense. Creel Creek, Virginia is the last place either of her ex-husbands would ever think to look for her. What better place to hide from her humiliations than a town too small to warrant a mention on a map? Laid off, and recently divorced from husband number two, this former workaholic moves in with her estranged—and very strange—grandmother. A grandmother who informs Constance that she comes from a long line of powerful witches. And on the day she hits the big 4-0, she’ll come into her powers. It turns out that she’s not the only paranormal person in town. Under the sleepy surface, the small town is teeming with supernatural beings. When Constance finds the town’s resident vampire dead, things go from surreal to scary. The local sheriff is convinced that a killer is lurking in the shadows, hunting anyone with supernatural abilities…including witches like her. He’s not wrong. Can Constance learn enough magic to save herself and Creel Creek from this unknown foe? Midlife Curses is the first in an all-new paranormal mystery series. If you like Cozy Mysteries or Paranormal Women’s Fiction, you’ll love this book. Download your copy today!
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