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Marrying Miss Marshal by Lacy Williams

She's a woman marshal in the Wild West who finds herself in a marriage of convenience. This book was a 2011 Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice finalist. She's no lady... Danna Carpenter is town marshal. And a darn good one. Even if she has to handle saloon brawls and rustlers alone. Who needs deputies anyway? All right, she’d welcome the help if any of the men in town would offer it. When a bank robbery goes bad, she has no choice but to accept the help of a city slicker... He’s on a quest for revenge. Chas O'Grady came West in search of cattle rustlers and found himself on the trail of a killer--one who took everything from him. Crossing paths with the pretty marshal was happenstance, but he can't leave her deputy-less when she’s facing such grave danger. Everything changes when Chas and Danna are stranded together in a snowstorm. The town council forces a marriage. And attraction turns to something more... Will Chas give up his quest for revenge? Or will he lose the woman he loves forever? MARRYING MISS MARSHAL is a Wild West marriage of convenience story. Books in this series: Marrying Miss Marshal Counterfeit Cowboy Cowboy Pride The Homesteader’s Sweetheart Courted by a Cowboy Roping the Wrangler Return of the Cowboy Doctor The Wrangler’s Inconvenient Wife A Cowboy for Christmas Her Convenient Cowboy Her Cowboy Deputy Catching the Cowgirl The Cowboy’s Honor Other books by USA Today bestselling author Lacy Williams: The Sutter’s Hollow series: 1. His Small-Town Girl 2. Secondhand Cowboy 3. Cowgirl Next Door The Looking Back, Texas series: 1. Ten Dates 2. Next Door Santa 3. Always a Bridesmaid 4. Love Lessons The Sawyer Creek series 1. Soldier Under the Mistletoe 2. The Nanny’s Christmas Wish 3. The Rancher’s Unexpected Gift 4. Someone Old 5. Someone New 6. Someone Borrowed 7. The Bull Rider 8. The Brother 9. The Prodigal Cowboy Fairytale series 1. Once Upon a Cowboy 2. Cowboy Charming 3. The Toad Prince 4. The Beastly Princess 5. The Lost Princess 6. Kissing Kelsey 7. Courting Carrie 8. Stealing Sarah 9. Keeping Kayla 10. Melting Megan Heart of Oklahoma series 1. Kissed by a Cowboy 1 & 2 2. Love Letters from Cowboy 3. Mistletoe Cowboy 4. Cowgirl for Keeps 5. Jingle Bell Cowgirl 6. Heart of a Cowgirl 7. 3 Days with a Cowboy 8. Prodigal Cowgirl
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