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Maggie’s Christmas Miracle by Elaine Manders

Nebraska schoolmarm Maggie Comings is haunted by sins of the past, convinced she’s unworthy of love and deserving of the tragedies she’s endured. She decides the only way to have a family is to accept a loveless, arranged marriage through the Westward Home and Hearts matrimonial agency. Then, a month before Christmas, a stranger shows up at her schoolroom door with his little girl. He hires Maggie to care for his daughter, Isabelle, while he conducts business in the area. As Maggie tries to bring Christmas cheer to Isabelle, she is inexplicably drawn to the sad, trusting child and her handsome, mysterious father. Daniel Raleigh, a private detective working for the matchmaker, Milly Crenshaw, has promised his wife on her deathbed to remarry quickly and give Isabelle a new mother. While investigating Milly’s brides, he realizes Maggie Comings will be a perfect mother for his daughter. But Daniel carries his own secret—one that links him to Maggie’s past—and it will take a miracle for her to trust him with her heart.
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