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Loving Her Cowboy by Emma St. Clair

He’s a sweet-talking cowboy. She’s a straight-shooting fireball immune to his charms. They’ve got sparks, but will they kindle lasting love or burn down the house? Elton has tried everything to win over Adele. But she shrugs off his flirtations, and has no trouble putting him in his place. But when he finds himself in trouble with the law, Elton becomes the center of her attention. Maybe it's negative attention, but he'll take what he can get when it comes to Adele. If getting in trouble is what it takes to keep her in his orbit, he'll be the baddest bad boy cowboy in Texas. Only ... the closer Elton gets to Adele, the more he realizes that he's not the man that she deserves, or the man he wants to be. Being bad got her attention, but it won't win her affection. Can this bad boy cowboy become the man he needs to be to secure her heart?
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