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Love Discovered by Michelle Stimpson

A rule-following banker who doesn't want to take a chance...a world-renowned musician with a huge regret... After Faith Caldwell calls off the cruise with her trifling boyfriend, she decides she might as well not waste her money - she'll go alone. Having packed very little makeup and no hair extensions, she wasn't quite ready to meet the man of her dreams on the ship. But what good does is it to meet an awesome guy when you'll only know him for a few days? Life has taught Faith that more often than not, you just can't depend on people. Why would this person be any different? Blaise Hawthorne is a well-paid musician whose talents keep him traveling the globe. The cruise is an opportunity for him to reconnect with his loving, boisterous family. But then he meets the snappy, naturally beautiful woman who makes him think twice about his jet-setting future. This is the first book in the Faith in Love series, a collaboration by multi-published, award-winning author Michelle Stimpson and newcomer Gina Johnson. If you're a fan of clean, Christian, and/or billionaire romance, this one will do your heart good!
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