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Love and Christmas Wishes by Rose Pearson

Three sweet Regency romance novellas set during the Christmas holidays... Two sisters, Katie and Jane, and their impoverished cousin and companion, Sarah, struggle with life's constraints and difficulties to find love and happiness, despite their mother's wishes. Won't you join them? They need your support! Sarah’s Magical Christmas Sarah Powell is a beautiful but impoverished young woman. She is unlucky in love and trapped in a position she hates. Working for her cruel aunt as a ladies’ companion to her wealthier cousins means she will never find romance or happiness. Stuck in a life of servitude, she has no reason to think her life will ever change until she meets a mysterious gentleman, Mr. Charles Langford of London. Charles Langford breezes into her life with a charming smile and a disdain for following the rules of Regency Society. Without position or title, he has no prospects but he shows her that sometimes all you need is a little Christmas magic to be happy. Everything seems to be a dream come true, until she discovers all is not perfect in love. He makes no promises for the future and her family disapproves of him. With a future as an old maid looming ahead of her, Sarah Powell faces a lonely holiday. Can she depend on Christmas magic or is she doomed to a life without the man she loves? Katie’s Christmas Wish Katie Brookes is beautiful, elegant and quite her mother’s favorite. She has long been friends with Samuel Putnam but cannot understand why he has taken a step back from their acquaintance recently. It is made all the worse by the fact that she has realized that she has a deep affection for him, one that leads to love, not just friendship. Unfortunately for Katie, Samuel refuses to consider any potential future between them. Telling her to forget him, he pushes Katie away, breaking her heart in the process. When her mother decides that it is time for Katie to marry, she insists that her daughter tries to attract the attention of Viscount Halifax, who is visiting some friends. Disappointed and broken-hearted by Samuel’s rejection, Katie reluctantly does just as she is told, only to find that the viscount is more than eager to court her. Will she truly be able to forget her love for Samuel and accept the viscount’s proposal? Or will she be able to discover the truth behind Samuel’s reluctance and finally be granted her very own Christmas wish? Jane’s Christmas Confusion Jane Brookes has often been told that she is plain and uninteresting, much too quiet and therefore, will be entirely unable to find a suitable match. She has learned to keep her thoughts to herself, never truly able to share what she feels for fear of bringing down her mother’s wrath on her head. Overlooked by her mother in favor of her younger sister, Jane keeps her broken heart to herself. Having fallen deeply in love with Viscount Halifax, the gentleman courting her sister, she scurries away to London in an attempt to find some sort of healing there.
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