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Rule #6 -Never look at your reflection in Mirror Lake. It feels so good to be bad… ~*~ When sweet and innocent good girl Piper Atwood gets an emergency vet call for her poor friend’s dog, Toto, she’ll stop at nothing to ease the little pup’s pain. Even if she has to go into Ursus Woods to get wolf’s bane to make a homemade herbal pain remedy, which in hindsight was probably a terrible idea… When an inadvertent peek into Mirror Lake unleashes a Wicked Witch and a whirlwind of magic, um… she realizes she’s definitely not in everyday Steamydale anymore. Especially after a bearshifting hunk of mancandy (her words) saves her deliciously curvy self (his words) from the evil enchantress. If she can save the small town (and a dog) from an untimely, witchy doom, she still needs to contend with the possessive, brazen bear of a man with desires to claim her as his own... That last part sounds lovely, actually. I mean, sure. Why not? Let’s do this!
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