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Kathmandu by Luke Richardson

Leo’s jobless, crippled by anxiety, and obsessed with a girl he hasn’t seen in two years. Just as things reach an all-time low, Leo’s thrown a lifeline. A politician’s missing daughter has been traced to Kathmandu. Leo must go there and find her, if his anxiety and the mysterious city will allow. Escaped from her family and travelling the world, all Allissa wants is to be left alone. Running a hostel for the victims of people traffickers in Kathmandu, she hopes the surrounding mountains will keep the world away. In his bid to prove himself, Leo sets off on a twisting trail through Kathmandu’s labyrinthine streets. But with a storm on the way, the city revealing a dark side, and unexpected danger around every corner, can he find Allissa and get out alive? KATHMANDU is the first of Luke Richardson’s international thriller series. If you like fast-paced mysteries, then you’ll love this explosive debut. Praise for Kathmandu: ★★★★★ “What a great read. Hooked right from the start.” ★★★★★ “Just an amazing read and so well written. Made you feel as if you were actually there.” ★★★★★ “Richardson captures the magic of Asia.” ★★★★★ “I’ve never read a book like this. Shocking, exhilarating, heart-warming and encouraging.” ★★★★★ “A brilliant thriller that hooked me from the very beginning.” ★★★★★ “Turn off your phone and cancel your appointments, you won't want to interrupt your epic journey to the exotic Kathmandu.” ★★★★★ “An outstanding debut novel” What happened in Koh Tao? This book includes a free download link for the series prequel, Koh Tao. Set two years before Kathmandu, Koh Tao turns back the clock on an anxiety-ridden Leo battling powerful forces in a foreign land.
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