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All she wants for Christmas is a family to call her own... Being alone is especially difficult around the holidays. That’s why, when Rachel Milligan takes in a foster child for the month of December, she’s determined to make this an unforgettable Christmas for Joy. Ex-baseball sensation Derek Rossi blew into picturesque Jackson Hole on a snowy December day. Love is the last thing on his agenda. But Derek’s world is quickly knocked off kilter when he meets the vivacious Rachel and her spunky foster daughter, Rachel can’t deny her life has been a whole lot more jolly since Derek rolled into town. When he smiles her world is suddenly as bright and shiny as the star atop a Christmas tree. Rachel once believed that true love comes only once in a lifetime. This holiday season she’ll discover that her capacity to love is as big as the Wyoming sky…and that a family for Christmas is the best gift of all.
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