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INFECTED Awakening by Tom Coleman

One night visit inside of Absolute System`s labs changed everything... Sally is a young scientist that started working in Absolute Systems for the money. Tired of being a poor student, she took the highest paying job she could find. However, the job was not as described on the application and some suspicious things started to happen. Most of the activities were confidential, and only a handful of people were allowed to enter the secret labs. One night she decided to break into the facility and find out what dark secrets were they hiding. This night visit changed her entire life. Follow Sally as she investigates dark activities happening in Absolute System`s labs and how one night visit changed her life and life of many more. When people try to put evolution into their hands, it can cost them more than they have ever imagined. From Amazon`s bestselling author of "Horrors Next Door" series, comes a new series full of fear, excitement, intrigue, mystery, suspense and horror. BUY NOW and discover what dark secrets are hidden in Absolute System`s labs!
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