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Inca Trail to Machu Picchu by Joel Paul Reisig

"Read it, loved it!" -Richard Karn, star of TV's Home Improvement with Tim Allen. "Best wishes as you continue with your adventures." -Robert Redford Joel Paul Reisig, "our generation's Bill Bryson", takes you on a Peruvian adventure in the book that has been called "Seinfeld on the Inca Trail". This is the reality of what it is like to actually hike the pathways of the Incas exactly how they did six hundred years ago, assuming they had porters running ahead of them to set up their tents, cook their meals, clean their toilets, administer oxygen, remind them to put on sunscreen, and pose them for pictures. It is an account of sixteen first world tourists on a quest for social media photos. In between humorous anecdotes I will attempt to, quickly, slip in some history, local facts, and culture. Don’t worry, you’ll hardly feel it.
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