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The heart wants what the heart wants; despite the hell you have to endure to get it and try to keep it. Serenity Bradshaw is a successful attorney, who has worked hard but all of her hard work still isn’t enough to fill the void she has when it comes to her love life. She yearns for the love her heart so desperately craves from one man in particular; unable to resist the temptation she falls hard even though she knew that he was definitely out of her league.Ta’Zyon Rivers was the man to see in the streets since being a teenager. Coming from a family of nothing but hustlers, he was determined to leave his mark in the streets before facing his fate for the life he chose rather it be prison or death. His mind was constantly on the streets and making money; love wasn’t even on his mind until he meets the one person who might have the power to change that. She’s the right one for him and he refuses to let another man have her. All he needs her to do is be patient and understand that her loyalty will pay off in the long run. Thinking that with time her love for him will someday fade away, she finds out that walking away isn’t as easy as she thought it would be because of the hold he has on her; causes her to stay when any woman in her right mind would leave. In need of a change, her assistant Keysha talks her into taking a trip to Atlanta. A weekend away seems to be exactly what the doctor ordered to soothe her soul. One weekend getaway may have the power to turn her world completely upside down. Can Serenity turn her back on what she's familiar with? Will love cause her to turn her back on something she wants? Will Zy be able to cope with the decision that Serenity has made, or will the overwhelming reality lead him down a road of destruction? In the end, is love worth all of the heartache.
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