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The Last Thing Emma Expects Is To Fall For A Scrooge. But Little Does She Know That Nick Is Hiding A Big Secret. Vacationing on Bali with friends, stockbroker Nick Hanover catches a glimpse of a beautiful blonde and is instantly attracted. But Nick’s confidence has been tested significantly during the last year after recently breaking up with a fiancé who was cheating. Stylist Emma Caffrey is on Bali for a holiday with two of her best friends. Although she’s had a string of steady boyfriends, she’s always pulled back whenever the man begins getting serious. Doubting his ability to distinguish if someone is interested in him or just his family’s money, Nick leaves Emma with a bad impression when they finally meet. But after sharing a heated kiss, Nick realizes that he’s not going to be satisfied until he gets to know her better. Despite Emma’s first impression, she’s equally attracted to Nick, and when he shows up in Crystal Rock taking on some of the town’s charity causes at Christmas, including dressing as Santa for the kids from the Crystal Rock Center for children with disabilities, she realizes there’s more to him than meets the eye, despite his gruff, off-putting personality. Besides, who could resist a kiss from Santa? Although Nick had everything money could provide growing up, he finally comes to understand why he was mostly ignored as a child. Nick’s family has a lot of tragic secrets and, now, someone might be attempting to take his half-brother’s life. Will Emma be the loving influence that helps bring his family back together, so St. Nick’s secret Christmas wish will finally come true? Seven USA Today bestselling and award-winning authors come together to give you the Holiday Hunks Series, the next in the Hot Hunks Steamy Romance Collection - A helicopter pilot with a decision to make, a cowboy working on his best roundup yet, a dancer faced with a dilemma, a hockey player's surprise, a roping rodeo star's ultimatum, a fireman's miracle, and a billionaire's wish. What do these seven hunks all have in common? They are spending the holidays with family and friends where each and every one has a life-changing event. Read along and watch these seven hotties meet their match, fall in love, and have a very Merry Christmas! Natalie Ann- Jake's Christmas Decision Angela Stevens- Miles' Christmas Roundup Alicia Street -Finn's Christmas Dilemma Katie O'Sullivan- Brendan's Christmas Surprise Stephanie Morris- Dalton's Christmas Ultimatum Suzanne Jenkins- Joey's Christmas Miracle Tamara Ferguson- St. Nick's Christmas Wish
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