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Her Hollywood Heroes by Roma James

She looks like an angel, but her curves tempt us to sin… JACE, GRAYSON, AND LANDON Since we left the Marines, we’ve made a living at what we do best—keeping people safe and giving scumbags hell. It should be business as usual when we land our first big A-lister. Do the job, protect the client. But this girl? She doesn’t feel like a job. She feels like the one. For all three of us. Caitlin Hughes. Smart-mouthed, stubborn, and sexy as hell. She’s not your typical starlet—and that just makes her hotter. So when some creep crawls out of the shadows to stalk her, you’d better believe we’re taking it seriously. It’s no longer about doing our job. It’s about protecting what’s ours. And when we get our hands on him? Let’s just say he’d better pray we don’t. ***Her Hollywood Heroes is a reverse harem romance for readers who love suspense and protective males ready to defend their woman. This is a standalone with no cliffhanger and a Happy Ever After.***
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