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Her Dominant Lawman by K. R. Max

Picked the wrong guy. Got the wrong job. Ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now I'm on the run, hiding in plain sight. Letting total strangers pleasure me in dark alleys. Wait, what? City cop Will Hunter has no time for women, and certainly not for pleasure, but one touch of this sweet little redhead isn't even close to enough. Then he finds out she's his missing witness, the one who can put his nemesis behind bars for good, and he knows he should keep his distance. Thing is, he's no good at following rules. He can't resist Cassidy's innocence, nor her submissive heart. Cassidy doesn't know what to think. The heat Will ignites in her is like nothing she's ever experienced and there are worse things than hiding out in a remote cabin with a man who knows such pleasurable ways to pass the time. But there are men out there who want her dead, and one of them's a cop. She wants to believe Will’s one of the good guys, but can she figure out who to trust before it's too late?
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