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Her Devoted HERO by Caitlyn O'Leary

Navy SEAL Dex Evans’ buddies play a joke on him that backfires and lands him with a gorgeous, funny, spitfire of a woman e-mailing him. Dex can’t believe his friends stupidity or his good luck. Is it possible that he has struck gold in the world of on-line dating through a prank? Single mother, Kenna Wright was in way over her head, when she met the handsome Navy warrior. She’s used to putting her teenage son and work ahead of everything, but maybe it’s time to think about her needs. And this Navy man puts the ‘N’ in needy. Then one of her co-workers is murdered and it looks like Kenna might be the next one in the killer’s crosshairs. Knowing that the clock is ticking, Dex brings in his SEAL team to make sure that the woman, who has come to mean everything to him, does not become the next victim.
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