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From USA TODAY bestselling author Mira Lyn Kelly: Ten years ago, I was the geek with too many ideas and one girl I wanted forever. A billion dollars later, and one night with a soft body is as close to forever as I get. It’s all I want. Or it was. I never thought I'd see her again... “One of the best 2nd chance romances I ever read…Fun, emotional, and sooooo hot!” I never thought I’d see her again Let alone find her in the same spot I left her ten years ago, teaching at the high school where we fell in love. I should have kept walking But I wanted that laugh. That smile. I wanted five minutes before I got back to the life with no room for my past. One kiss was all I meant to take But then her fingers were in my hair, her breath hot against my lips. My hands… everywhere. Now I want more I want her, but she only wants the guy I used to be. And just like the first time... I can’t stay, and she won’t leave.
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