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◆ Do you ever wonder, “Where is God” when going through challenging times? Does He seem distant, or even non-existent? What is the biggest crisis you are experiencing right now? ◆ We are currently living in extraordinary times, causing much anxiety even for the strongest temperament. There are many reasons individuals experience fear, anxiety, and even depression, and our world seems to be growing more and more fearful every day. If we ever lived in an uncertain time with an unclear future and reason to fear it is now. ◆ If you are experiencing any form of anxiety, fear, depression, uncertainty, or dread, please realize that you are not alone. This is a normal phenomenon that everyone experiences, to some extent, at some point in their life. ◆ Fear is a natural response for humans and has its place to help keep us safe. However, living in fear is counter-productive and is not an option if we are going to get through any difficult circumstances. We cannot allow ourselves to get stuck there and dwell on these negative issues. ✓ Believe it or not, there is a way to experience peace in the midst of all of this and that is what I will be unpacking in this book. We have many choices in life. Every day we’re making more choices than we realize. Peace is another choice that we can make over fear and anxiety. It takes recognizing where our mind is going and living with the intention to make a U-turn and choosing peace. ◆ In this book, Debby takes a hard look at fear, anxiety, and depression. She defines them, discusses the symptoms and causes of each, and how to overcome them. One cannot read this book without being changed from the inside out if the shared truths are taken seriously, acted upon, and allowed to permeate and become a reality in the reader’s heart and mind. ◆ Unfortunately, not knowing how to respond often causes one to react to their depression, anxieties, fears, etc. in ways that promote more of the same. Some are plagued a lot more than others, and some have learned to cope better than others, but there is relief for all of us if we know where to look for it. That is what she hopes to accomplish through this short book. ◆ It is a quick, easy read and well worth your time. "I have learned the antidote to the fear and uncertainty that often leads to anxiety and depression. I want more than anything to share it with you because I am confident you can find relief for your souls through the message I believe the Lord has given me to share with you." ---Debby Sibert Editorial Review: “I am so thankful for Debby Sibert - for her writing, for her teaching, and for her life! She is the real deal. She loves God’s Word, and she loves helping people experience abundant life according to God’s good design. You will be blessed, encouraged, challenged, and ultimately changed by God’s grace through her.” ★★★★★ David Platt, New York Times Best Selling Author, Lead Pastor, McLean Bible Church
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