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Fragile Things by Samantha Lovelock

★Sometimes what seems most fragile, can't be broken. *Stella* Poe Halliday was an accident. A chance meeting that changed my life forever. My mother didn't have secrets; her secrets had her. After she disappeared, I had nothing. Or so I thought. When the invitation arrived, the opportunity to learn about my mother's past was too great to pass up. I knew I was taking a risk, but I craved answers. Now the dark history of this town threatens to tear me apart. It's all about him. I knew this was a mistake. *Poe* Stella Bradleigh was a distraction. Something to play with when my shadows got too dark. I spent my entire existence forced to live a life I didn't want. There was only one way out. Or so I thought. Meeting the beautiful stranger with the mysterious past, I thought she would be a good time, and then I could just throw her away. Instead, she consumed me, and now she's made me question everything I know to be real in my life. It's all about her. I knew I was a mistake. ★ Fragile Things is the first book in Poe and Stella's story and the first book in the Folkestone Sins series. This is a dark, mature high school/new adult romance. It contains situations and flashbacks that may trigger some readers, language that may be offensive, and scenes of a sexual nature (all consensual).
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