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FORGIVE by Dr. Charlette Manning

Most of us have someone in our lives or in our past that we cannot forgive; and many of us cannot forgive ourselves.Holding on to grievances doesn’t hurt the other person —it only hurts you. It’s not about making them pay for hurting you; it’s about you not giving them the power to do that. What happens when we don’t forgive ourselves? A multitude of blockages occur in our lives such as self-sabotage, remaining stuck, procrastination, feeling negative emotions such as anxiety, depression, guilt, anger, and shame. Therefore, it is always to your advantage to forgive; it releases the negative energy that keeps you distracted. Holding on to unforgiving thoughts, anger and grief will not make your situation any better. The author has created a 7-Step process for finding forgiveness and returning to love: F-Face Your Fears O-Organization Your Thinking R-Release It and Let It Go G-Gratitude is the Highest Praise I-Intuition through Stillness V-Value the little things in life E-Energy is the Source of life After facing your fears, organizing your thinking, and expanding your own personal spiritual toolkit, you will be taught how release and let go all of your past wounds. You will be able to thank those in your life that have hurt you because they have given you a valuable lesson and you will use those lessons to empower yourself and others. You were born for greatness. Every moment is a choice between fear and love. You have a choice to release and let go or to hold on and suffer. Once you recognize that forgiveness makes you powerful, not weak, you will own your true power. If you’re ready to release and let go of anything that does not bring you joy so you can move forward with your life, click the BUY NOW button and let’s take this forgiveness journey together.
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