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Flare by Theresa Shaver

Flare -The Journey Book 1 What would a mother endure to reach her children in a catastrophic global event? What would she let stand in her way to reach them? Nothing…nothing would stop her. Lila Duncan is months away from leaving her husband and setting up a new happier home for her kids. Freedom is so close she can almost taste it. While attending a conference almost 400 miles from home to help reach her goal, the unthinkable happens. A massive Solar Flare hits the planet wiping out all modern electronics including all modes of transportation. The world begins to burn as civilization is stopped in its tracks. Frantic with worry for her son and daughter in the care of their indifferent father, she decides to tackle the journey home on foot. Between her and home are the Rocky Mountains that she will have to cross. The Journey will take every ounce of will and determination she has but not even a mountain range can compete against a mother’s love.
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