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Finding Bliss by BJ Harvey

Watching my best friend walk blissfully down the aisle has just reiterated the fact that I’m a kickass trauma surgeon, handsome, funny and blessed with a big...ego...I’m also over thirty, perpetually single, and the guy women want for a good time not a long one. To add to my woes, I got drunk at the wedding, walked up to a woman I’d never met before, and proceeded to kiss her like I’d loved her my entire life. A week later I horrified to discover that the new X-ray tech I’ve been flirting with at the hospital is not only off-limits, she’s also my mystery make out partner, her brother is one of my closest friends, and I cannot remember that damn kiss to save myself. Now I just need to prove to her there’s more to me than my big...stethoscope...and that I’m not the cocky player she thinks I am. Wish me luck, lord knows I’m gonna need it.
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