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This financial jokes book (full of all original accounting and finance jokes) is the perfect gift for anyone who works in an accounting/finance department who loves telling cheesy jokes, corny jokes, or jokes that make people roll their eyes! Here's some examples: --- Why was the accountant's self esteem always so low? Because he never gave himself enough "credit". Why couldn't they sell the Tower of Pisa? There was a "lien" on it. --- Each page has a joke and a funny picture to go along with it! --- If you want to make your business friends and family laugh then you need to get them this book! If you want to make you accounts payable department smile then get them this book! If you know anybody that has a problem with telling too many bad jokes then give them this book and make it worse! --- Everybody will be laughing for the rest of the day after you give them this joke book! --- A fantastic novelty gift for an Office Party, Fathers day, & Christmas / Stocking Stuffer / White Elephant Gift. All the jokes in this book are clean family friendly jokes. No swear words or anything like that.
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