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Fall Into Darkness by Valerie Twombly

"Dark, steamy, sultry romance! A whole new twist on Angels. It has you fanning yourself, the pages turning consistently, and drooling over muscular angels. What is a better way to spend your day? Five stars!" Cutting Muse Blog Review For centuries Eli has been a warrior, a bounty hunter who has taken down hundreds of fallen angel’s for the Tribunal Seven. But when he finds himself in front of the angel's ruling body, they convict him of losing his humanity. Wings ripped from his back, they cast him to earth for one last mission. Find his compassion or be sentenced to Hell. Left standing bleeding and cold on a frozen tundra, Alaska is the last place he expects to encounter a female in need of help. Ashley has grown weary of the “special gift” bestowed upon her and decides taking up residence in her family’s remote cabin will do her good. Being so far removed from civilization, she never expects the attack that nearly takes her life. Even more surprising is the mysterious stranger who comes to her rescue. One night of passion was never supposed to turn into eternity, but how was Ashley to know she isn’t fully human? Eli realizes he’s on the fast track to becoming a danger to his potential mate and refuses to complete the bonding. She, however, will bargain with Lucifer himself to save Eli’s soul.
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