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Fake Boyfriend by Alexis Winter

I’m the guy you don’t take home to mom. Ex-con, hothead, broken beyond repair. She may need a fake boyfriend, But you better believe the way I'll have her screaming my name is real. The moment she made that stupid bet with me I should have walked away. Instead, I gave in. With her cocky mouth and enough attitude for an entire sorority, It’s all I can do to keep myself from bending her over my knee, Before having my filthy way with her. So I gave in… I claimed her in ways you can only imagine, devoured her. Made her mine. What I didn’t expect? To fall for her. To crave her. To need her. But the demons from my past are kicking down my door, And they’ll stop at nothing to destroy me. There’s only one way I can keep her safe, Break her heart. Make her hate me. And walk away. We agreed it was only pretend, I’m nobody’s happily ever after.
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