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Exploration by Quinn Ward

Calvin shouldn’t want his younger roommate, but how can he resist once he catches Frankie on his knees…Running the family business is exhausting. Being the person everyone turns to when there’s a problem is draining. All Frankie wants to do is give up control, even if that means turning to less-than-legal activities. He thought he could get away with it... Calvin’s never denied how badly he wants a partner to care for and control, but until now he’s been too focused on being a good father to his teenage son. When a friend needs help figuring out who’s selling favors in the back room of Club 83, Calvin offers to help him out. Finding out it was his sexy, standoffish roommate was more than he bargained for. Now that Calvin’s found his match, can he show Frankie there are safer ways to surrender? Welcome to the kinky town of Annandale, where everyone seems to be seeking something other than vanilla. Exploration is a gay romance featuring a single dad who longs to be a Daddy, his younger roommate who wants someone else to be in control, and a mess of meddling siblings.
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