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Entwined by Christine M. Butler

Book ONE of the Vukodlak Brew SeriesDre: I felt her. That glorious scent of my mate was in the air, but by the time I figured out where she was, she slipped through my fingertips. Gone. Like a nightmare I couldn’t escape. One brief glimpse, a scent on the air, and knowing I was that close to my mate spun me out through years of fruitless searches. Then she showed up, after I’d given up, and the choices I’d made since then meant she might deny our bond. Izzy: I’d taken a picture of two men standing near the train I was on years ago, and I hadn’t been able to stop fantasizing about one of them ever since. College was over for me, and I was headed back there, to my family’s hometown, the one my father had kept us from... The town where I’d seen him. Little did I know, my life was on a crash course with destiny. Truths were uncovered. I had a fated mate, but I didn’t know if I could trust him.
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