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Empire of Ash by L. R. W. Lee

Dangerous magic, a dark god, and ancient secrets.Archaeologist Pellucid Rose discovers THE find of the century when an earthquake hits her Mycenae, Greece dig. But before she can claim it, a dark, dangerous, and very sexy stranger steps from a swirl of shadows claiming she’s loosed a sphinx on the world by translating an ancient secret on one of the scrolls. What’s more, he insists Secret Magic requires her to go with him to capture the ferocious creature. Against better judgment, Pell teams up with the hot stranger to discover a world of magic where the impossible is reality, crooked mortals hide corrupt secrets, and mysteries older than myth can kill you. That thought alone makes her heart race, but things get even worse when she discovers he’s hiding world-altering secrets, and only she has what it takes to stop him. Empire of Ash is the first book in the enthralling God of Secrets paranormal romance series. If you like Jim Butcher's Dresden Files and Holly Black's Cruel Prince, you’ll adore USA Today Bestselling author L. R. W. Lee’s vulnerable, intimate, and gritty tale of destined lovers, potent sorcery, and unique ancient myth retellings. Buy Empire of Ash to dive into a secret affair today! ★★★★★ "It's been a hot minute since I've been able to truthfully say I can't wait to see what happens next, but here it is! Very descriptive, very original, I've honestly not read a book like it before, and I have Kindle Unlimited for a reason! Bravo!!!!!!!!!!! - Alicia L. Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★ "Ohh, I love this story so very much! The healthy dose of humor mixed with physical attraction and intrigue are definitely a winner." - Peggy Frese, Senior Editor ★★★★★ "The characters are complex and genuine with traits and qualities that add depth and diversity, transforming into charismatic personalities." - Kaye, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer ★★★★★ "An awesome start to a new series written by a brand new author for me. I highly recommend." - Scarolet Ellis, Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer
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