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Embrace of the Shade by Amanda Muratoff

Unfathomable power consumes morality, fanning the flames of destruction. Within the embers, a tainted soul can be reforged into a hero. Hunting a Berylian Key shard, Kin enters the Great Library of Capul intent on stealing a rare text that could aid him in his task. Bound to his duty by blood, failure poses a greater threat than any prison. When Kin crosses paths with an alluring thief, he sees an opportunity to benefit off her, even if his proximity could put her life at risk. Amarie disregards caution and partners with Kin without realizing he seeks the same shard she does. After a daring escape, sparks ignite and jeopardize her resolve. Desires of the heart clash with logic, creating a storm with nowhere to go but disaster. A war rages between secrets with shadows poised to strike. Darkness could swallow Kin before Amarie has a chance to pull him from its depths. Embrace of the Shade is Part 1 of The Berylian Key Trilogy, and Book 1 in the Pantracia Chronicles. "Embrace of the Shade is a romantic work of fantasy fiction penned by co-author team of Amanda Muratoff and Kayla Mansur. Written for adults due to its explicit mature content, this novel forms the first book in the Berylian Key Trilogy as part of the wider Pantracia Chronicles series. In a story of the spark of passion between two thieves contending for the same prize, we meet Kin and Amarie when they both seek the Berylian Key shard. As the fates of the thieves collide on their adventurous quest for personal glory, their mutual attraction throws them off focus and threatens to change everything they know about their way of life so far. The resistant emotions of two very individual romantic leads make for some fantastic reading as romance looms and sizzles on every page. Author duo Amanda Muratoff and Kayla Mansur do a fantastic job with the intense backstories of both Kin and Amarie, gently letting their vulnerabilities show as readers warm to their thieving ways and become deeply attached to their relationship. The adult content is well delivered and never over the top, with great atmospheric moments and a solid adventure plot that underpins and heightens the romantic elements of the tale. Although this is certainly a high-quality romance novel first and foremost, the fantasy elements are well considered and appropriately developed to give the story a fully rounded feel. Overall, Embrace of the Shade marks a powerful opening to a series that romance and fantasy fans are certain to fall in love with." -K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite ★★★★★ "Evocatively written, Embrace of the Shade is an extraordinarily strong intro to a new romantic fantasy series. The pull of the characters towards each other draws the reader into their lives with a similar intensity, with their secrets building suspense throughout. This is a novel where the authors have clearly put a lot of care into each element of the story's creation. The characters, the world, and the magic are all thoroughly well-con
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