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DARK PSYCHOLOGY AND MANIPULATION (DESCRIPTION)One of the most potent forces at work in the world today is Dark Psychology. The most powerful influencers the world has ever known are using it. Many that do not know about its risk getting it used against them. This book, Dark Psychology and Manipulation, provides a cutting-edge distillation of some of dark psychology's most influential concepts in the world. In a way that is understandable for a layman with no expert scientific experience, each chapter discusses an element of dark psychology. To make the task of understanding dark psychology simpler, theories are explained with examples. Also, the book includes valuable profiles of the kinds of individuals who use this "black magic" in their daily lives. You can understand what Dark Psychology and Manipulation is, how it operates, how it can be useful to you and the effects much more by reading this book. The book goes deeply into responding to some of the questions you might have about Dark Psychology and Deception to give you a complete insight from different perspectives. This book, please be warned, is not for the faint of heart or the faint of mind. There is no turning back once you have raised the veil on the world of dark psychology. You will have an appreciation that few have ever gained about human nature. Great responsibility comes with great strength. The content of this book includes; A Deep look into Dark Psychology Understanding Narcissistic Understanding the Dark Triad The Psychopath and the Dark Triads The Machiavellianism Deceitfulness Hypnotism Sadist This book covers all these and more.
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