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Curve Distraction by Christa Wick

Starla Parks has spent two years quietly in love with her boss, billionaire philanthropist Cole Mason. When a search for a missing report on his computer leads to her discovering a very secret, very dirty file revealing exactly what turns him on, she can't believe her eyes, or the timing of it all. They've got a work overnighter coming up, which means she's got one crazy chance to make his most wicked fantasies come true. …Along with all of hers as well. This is Book #1 in the Hot Insta Ever-Afters Collection, a series of (some very) dirty lil’ novellas for the busy reader looking for: 1) alphalicious heroes & curvalicious heroines, 2) a few smiles w/ their steam, and 3) no-wait, no-drama insta ever-afters. HOT INSTA EVER-AFTERS (aka Dirty Curvy Quickies) Curve Distraction (Starla & Cole) Curve Negotiation (Maggie & Jack & Ryan) Curve Proposition (Amber & Sam) Curve Satisfaction (Rachel & Carter) Note: This book was previously titled Curve Lullaby (c) 2014. It’s the same fun story, revised with newly added/expanded content, as well as a fresh new title & cover makeover.
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