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Cramped Quarters by Jamie Knight

I can’t believe I have to live with my lifelong rival.So why do I suddenly want him so badly? I was happy to get away from my strict dad and start college. But I can’t believe it when I see Augustus Graves on campus. He has been my family’s sworn enemy for a long time. Now he’s in my film class, acting cocky and self-assured. And looking me up and down with those handsome eyes of his. It’s clear he wants to be more than study partners. And I have to admit it would be tempting to give in. But I won’t forget the bad history between us. And I’m glad the pandemic means we have to socially distance. That way I have to stay at least six feet from his chiseled chest. But then the school changes our living arrangements. And assigns him to live in my small dorm during quarantine! It’s no longer possible to keep my eyes off his ripped abs. And he says he can’t keep his hands off my curvy hips. We were stuck together, but maybe we’re headed for happiness. As long as our family and friends don’t find out! Will hooking up just one time allow us to blow off some steam? Or will things heat up between us so much we’ll forget to fight? Cramped Quarters is an enemies to lovers romance novel with no cheating, no cliffhanger and a very happily ever after. It is part of the Love Under Lockdown series, which are standalone books about falling in love during quarantine. They can be read alone, and in any order, but are best enjoyed altogether, especially if you want to extend your steamy break from real life!
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