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Claimed in Forbidden by Keira Blackwood

At the Forbidden B&B, you’re just as likely to find fresh-baked cookies as straight jackets. Like any self-sufficient woman, Daphne knows you can’t trust a selfie on Tinder. Turns out that goes for real estate, too. From the moment she reaches the driveway of the “beautiful mansion” she just purchased, she knows she’s been duped. It’s going to take more than scrapbooks and self-affirmations to change this creepy AF insane asylum into the B&B she’s always dreamed about. For alpha wolf shifter Declan, this is the construction job from hell. He isn’t interested in dating anyone--especially not a human. And especially not one who wants to strong-arm him into staring at paint swatches all day. But as he’s forced to work closely beside Daphne, Declan finds himself less resistant to checking out paint swatches and more interested in checking out her plumbing. Is this the construction job from hell? Or is it destiny? Claimed in Forbidden is the first book in the Forbidden Shifters series. Do you love hilarious hijinks, steamy love scenes, and hot alphas who are afraid of slugs? Of course you do. ;) One-click Claimed in Forbidden for a suspenseful shifter story you won’t want to put down!
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