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Christmas Justice by Sam Scott

A Christmas Historical Western NovellaTexas Panhandle, 1880: Nick Merrick is running for his life. Accused of the cold-blooded murder of a lawman, he’s doing his darnedest to keep one step ahead of a posse hell-bent on seeing him hang. It’s almost Christmas, bitterly cold, when a snowstorm forces him to seek refuge in a disused Comanchero cave. As night falls, a stranger approaches - a young woman, alone. She’s lost, abandoned by her guide. Her horse is about played out, leaving her afoot in the frozen wilderness. And she’s soon to have a baby. To get the woman and her unborn child to safety, Nick must sacrifice any thought of saving his own neck. *** Outdoors it might be snowy but inside this novella is a warm-hearted Christmas tale of justice, the gift of a new life, and the miracle of Christmas on the Western Frontier. No profanity or swearing. This novella is short enough to be read in a break between buying Christmas gifts and wrapping them.
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