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Chasing Lightning by DM Fike

Either I use forbidden magic that could kill me, or the Oregon coast becomes a supernatural feeding ground. Fun. My name’s Ina, and I’m a shepherd of Nasci. I command fire, air, earth, and water like an honest-to-goddess nature wizard. Even rookies like me use our elemental magic to protect the untamed wilderness from mythical beasts that go bump in the night. I’ve defeated my fair share of nasties, but now a cryptid monster with a Medusa gaze preys upon the Oregon coast. It’s going on a murder spree against the native fauna. It doesn’t help that game warden Vincent Garcia has noticed an uptick in endangered carcasses and blames me for poaching them. I do have an ace up my sleeve with my unique lightning magic. The only problem: it’s like using a stick of dynamite to kill a house spider. I’m not supposed to use it, but our predator grows stronger every day. Either I banish this horror show soon, or there won’t be much left to protect. * * * * * Chasing Lightning is the first in the action-packed Magic of Nasci series that explores the hidden dangers that still lurk deep in the woods. It’s like Avatar: The Last Airbender and urban fantasy had a superhero love child.
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