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Princes aren’t used to being ghosted. Edward has been patient. He waited for his betrothed to return home and fulfill the marriage contract they signed. But he can’t wait anymore. Embroiled in a war he fears he can’t win, he must ascend the throne ASAP. If he can just reason with her face to face, he knows they can work it out…probably. When Edward tracks her down, Abbie’s dream of a simple, common life goes poof. Now she must choose a life of freedom or one of duty. If only Edward wasn’t so dang alluring, the choice might be easier … Can an insecure prince and a headstrong princess find enough common ground to fall in love? Chasing Down Her Highness is a sweet, modern fantasy take on Cinderella with heart and wit. This five-book series is complete; dive into the mixed-up world of the Rocky Royal Romances today! Content warning: death of a parent. This book was previously published under the title The Ex-Princess.
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