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Chains by Shandi Boyes

When a novice tiptoes into the world of dominance, sparks of passion become dangerous flames. Struggling journalist Cleo Garcia was chosen to investigate the members of an exclusive club. Her first instinct is to turn down the assignment, but when her boss offers to pay medical benefits for her sick sister, Cleo finds the offer too good to refuse. When the party turns out more intense than expected, she leaves in a panic, and accidentally slides into the wrong car. . . For Marcus Everett, his secrets are his life, and he has no desire to lure people into it. He prefers they come to him, and in a way, that's what Cleo did when she slid into his car at one of his events. There's something familiar about her, and although he wants to use that knowledge to draw her into his world, he can't. It must be her decision. Secrets are shared, lines are drawn, and limitations are discussed before either of them realize who the other is, but by then, it's too late. Cleo is falling in love with Marcus. When forced to choose between her heart, her job, and her sister's wellbeing, what will happen when it turns out Cleo isn't the only one digging up hidden secrets? Chains is a riveting romantic suspense with lots of steamy scenes. It's recommended for audiences over the age of eighteen as some situations may be distressing for some readers.
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