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Catching the Cowboy by Tia Souders

He’s a cowboy widower with wounds in his past. She’s a broken-hearted city slicker, seeking refuge. Can rancher Rhett Montgomery overcome his bitterness and loss for a second chance at love? When Danielle Roberts discovers her husband of three years is cheating on her, her life falls apart. On a whim, she retreats to the small town of Cedar Falls, freshly divorced, and hoping to lick her wounds at Montana Wilds Ranch Resort. Rhett Montgomery works himself to the bone, burying the sorrow of his past in his business and avoiding his sister’s attempts at pushing him back into the dating pool. So when one of his ranch hands is injured and a long term visitor with clear blue eyes and long dark hair offers to take his place, he refuses her help. But his sister intervenes, and before he knows it, he’s stuck with a female ranch hand. Why does he have a feeling this is just another one of her set-ups? Too bad he’ll have to squash any hopes of a blooming romance between him and the newcome
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