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Camping Recipes by Bonnie Scott

Do you and your family love to camp in the great outdoors? Looking for easy recipes to cook while camping? In this camping book, Camping Recipes: Foil Packet Cooking, you'll be able to serve everything from breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and even desserts with no fuss and no messy clean-up and enjoy great food like: Oriental Chicken Campfire Fajitas Fish Fillets in Foil Campfire Meatball Sandwiches Grilled Chuck Roast Fire Roasted Broccoli Bacon, Egg and Cheese Muffins And many more... This remarkable cookbook has 100 exciting recipes to cook using only aluminum foil. Includes secrets to folding the foil, along with cooking instructions for campfire coals or campfire grill, outdoor barbecue grill and foil packets in the oven. There are also tips for preparing your foil packets as well, so you'll be well prepared before you even leave the comfort of your home. Buy Camping Recipes: Foil Packet Cooking today and make your next camping trip one to remember.
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