Café Culture by Paul James

'Cafe Culture' is profound and absurd, heavy and light, serious and funny. Whatever it is, it is immediate, honest and fascinating. It's content ranges from a metaphysical conceit on an egg-timer, 'The Sands of Time', to a comic ballad on breaking wind, 'There's no Point in Farting.' But be careful, even the seemingly irreverent might get you thinking! About the author Paul James, retired schoolteacher, is perhaps, better known as a singer/songwriter who has released two albums to date: 'Remember Your Name' and 'The Golden Fly'. Both albums have received outstanding reviews for the quality of the songwriting, as well as for his willingness to break a few 'rules.' 'Cafe Culture' is Paul's first book of verse. His fascination with life and words is evident in both art forms.
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