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Brother’s Keeper Series Box Set by Stephanie St. Klaire

BROTHER'S KEEPER SERIES BOX SET: BOOKS 1-3 Heart-stopping chemistry and breath-holding suspense make this a riveting one-click must... The O’Reilly brothers are a force to be reckoned with in this pulse-pounding, action packed series that will keep you on the edge of your seat…and watching over your shoulder. Murder. Deception. Corruption. There is no match for the Brother’s Keeper Security team. Be prepared to have your heart taken hostage and mind blown as you face twists and turns you never saw coming. Five men. One mission. Justice. ___ DECLAN, PART 1 The only thing that can taint money, privilege, and endless access to the finer things in life is murder. Lydia exchanges her life of luxury for a life on the run when she discovers her real estate tycoon husband is nothing more than a cold-blooded killer with endless resources. The only person who can keep her alive is the last person she wants to trust. Declan O’Reilly was on his way to retiring from a life undercover when his final case took a potentially fatal turn. Blowing his cover to protect the only reason he stayed on the case to begin with becomes a challenge when money and power corrupt the very agency he was sworn to trust. Going off the grid, where nobody can find them, Dec learns his desire to protect Lydia is more than just a job... He risks it all to protect the one thing he thought he could never have... She fights to discover what she’s really made of only to find its what he saw in her all along... Not once, but twice, fate offers a maniacal twist that can tear them apart, as much as it can drive them together while trying to outrun the extensive reach of a diabolical criminal. ___ DECLAN, PART 2: The only thing that could taint money, privilege, and endless access to the finer things in life may have been murder…but now it’s revenge. Lives are on the line once again in the gripping second part to this epic 5-star fan favorite. Lydia exchanged her luxurious lifestyle for the security of modest, small town living where she could raise her son. But her reprieve is short, because she’s no longer safe. Not by a long shot. Taking down the head of a cartel left Declan with more enemies than he could count. He put his career and life on the line in order to save the woman who changed everything for him - then he left her. But now he’s back, because there’s a new threat on the horizon and Lydia is in the crosshairs. Fate offers another maniacal twist that reaches beyond the grave when the mastermind behind it all isn’t who they think, and the line between good and evil is blurred. Criminal empires may fall and legacies die hard, but Declan fights harder as he returns to neutralize the final threat preventing a future with Lydia. Can Declan prevail, or has he been a step too many behind all along. ___ LIAM: Running blind, and hiding in plain sight may be your only option, when your villain isn’t just behind you but all around you.
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