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Border Series by Cecelia Mecca

The first three books in the bestselling Border Series: The Thief's Countess, The Lord's Captive and The Chief's Maiden. Along the 13th century Anglo-Scottish border, life is complicated. Enemies one day, allies the next. Scottish clan chiefs and English earls securing their homes and families amidst thievery and chaos. Pawns of kings with bigger games to play, leaving the border lords and ladies to fend for themselves. The men of the Border Series wield swords and lead armies. They are alpha males who have no idea they are about to be brought to heel by ladies who refuse to choose between duty and love. These women want it all, and they aim to have it. Get ready to be swept from coastal England to the Scottish lowlands, from medieval tournaments to ancient castles. Get ready for life along the border. Mecca does a wonderful job of pulling readers into the world of the Waryns and the Kerrs. Steamy love scenes, lovable characters. . . " Library Journal What Amazon Readers Are Saying: ★★★★★ Love, love, love the Border Series. ★★★★★ A wickedly exciting and addictive five star series. ★★★★★ This series just seems to keep getting better. ★★★★★ Mecca's writing reminds me of Kathleen Woodiwiss! ★★★★★ My new favorite historical romance series, hands down. ★★★★★ Where has this author been all my life? The Border Series: The Ward's Bride: Free on The Thief's Countess: Book 1 The Lord's Captive: Book 2 The Chief's Maiden: Book 3 The Scot's Secret: Book 4 The Earl's Entanglement: Book 5 The Warrior's Queen: Book 6 The Protector's Promise: Book 7 The Rogue's Redemption: Book 8 The Guardian's Favor: Book 9 Book 10 coming Spring 2019!
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