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Bob Marley, the most prominent reggae musician of all time, was truly an icon. He lived a life about as full as his 36 years on this earth would allow. By the time he was 16, he was in the studio making records, and although superstardom didn’t come to him immediately, Marley never ceased his pursuit of it. He also never ceased in his pursuit of wisdom and spiritual wellbeing.

In later life, Marley became a champion for political freedom and even managed to get two vehemently opposed political leaders to shake hands on stage—all to the backdrop of a reggae groove. Bob Marley was many things to many people—in this book, we explore all facets of his unique personality.

Discover a plethora of topics such as

  • From His Grandfather's Farm to Trench Town
  • Marriage and Children
  • Marley the Rastafari
  • The Birth of Reggae Music
  • The Wailers Break Up
  • The Assassination Attempt
  • And much more!

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