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Boardwalk Beginnings by Nikki Lynn Barrett

Cinnamon Bay’s spoiled diva is about to have her tiara toppled only to have it witnessed by her sworn enemy… her brother’s best friend. London Carmichael, the middle daughter of Cinnamon Bay’s wealthiest family, lives off her father’s money while jet-setting around the world. Until one bad investment has the family losing everything. Now homeless and not a penny to her name, she is stranded at the airport. Who is sent to pick her up? Jacob Westley, the one man who can’t stand her. Jacob would do anything for his best friend, even if it means helping out his buddy’s snooty sister. Years of fighting with London has him primed for the rounds of rapid-fire barbs he knew she’d throw. What he isn’t prepared for is their mutual attraction and off-the-charts chemistry. It’s in his best interest to stay away from her. Only now London has come up with a plan and needs his help in saving her family. Jacob doesn’t have the willpower to say no. Will these two enemies call a truce long enough to accomplish their mission and find true love? Fans of Brenda Novak, Nora Roberts, and Robyn Carr will fall head over heels for this delightful beachy romance. Meet the Carmichael siblings, each with their own unique personality like the different spices that helped build the family fortune. Some are hot and fiery, others mild and sweet. Some blend well together. Some don’t. Now that their wealth is gone, they must put aside their differences and come together for the first time. Follow each sibling on their path to survival and their journey into everlasting love. Scroll up and one-click to start reading BOARDWALK BEGINNINGS today!
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