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Blue Curse by Brad Magnarella

ELITE SOLDIER TURNED WEREWOLF Cursed by a blind witch, special ops soldier Jason Wolfe finds himself transforming into a creature of local legend, a lupine referred to in fearful whispers as Blue Wolf. Faster, stronger, and more lethal, he’s the perfect weapon — but not for the U.S. military. To break the curse, Jason must join a war between ancient tribal foes: blue werewolves and the formidable White Dragon. In a battle spanning from the peaks of Central Asia to the canyons of Manhattan, and with the help of a bookish wizard named Prof Croft, Jason will test the limits of his newfound powers. Because with the curse now spreading to his mind, he’s running out of time — and the stakes couldn’t be more personal. Win and he returns home to his fiancée and a future. Lose and he dies a bloodthirsty beast… BOOKS IN THE CROFTVERSE Blue Wolf Series Book 1: Blue Curse Book 2: Blue Shadow Book 3: Blue Howl Book 4: Blue Venom Book 5: Blue Blood Prof Croft Series Preq 0: Book of Souls Book 1: Demon Moon Book 2: Blood Deal Book 3: Purge City Book 4: Death Mage Book 5: Black Luck Book 6: Power Game Book 7: Druid Bond Book 8: Night Rune More Coming!
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