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Big Man on Campus by Stephanie Queen


A Steamy Enemies to Lovers Bully Romance


They say I'm a troubled kid, labeled a bad-boy jock.

I should be a pariah, but I'm not. 

Instead, I'm the BMOC because I'm the starting quarterback of the prized football team. 

After last season's bowl game victory I could be f*cking Voldemort and I'd get the champagne treatment. 

But it doesn’t matter. Because the one girl on this campus I want doesn't give a sh*t about football. Or me.

She thinks bad boys are, well, bad. 

It's messed up that I'm stuck on her--with our history. I have a lot to make up for.

But I need to win her over. It's like she's my test. I feel like she's the last honest girl left on campus. And hot as sin. Grandpa would get the irony. If he were still alive. 

Losing grandpa started my trouble. 

Being with Joni could save me. 

Now all I need to do is convince her that I'm not the same sh*t head who bullied her in high school...